The Beauty of Wine

February is  heart  month and  its a great time to  look at  the “French Paradox”.  Although french meals feature butter, bacon and the eponymous french fries, the French enjoy an  enviably low rate of heart disease.  Experts believe that an anti-aging component in red wine  called resveratrol offers cardioprotection.  Research has shown that reservatrol activates a protein that  helps maintain tissue health.  Inside the body this translates to healthy heart and arteries.  On the outside this could mean better skin tone , fresher color and fewer wrinkles.

Doctors around the world have been almost frantically studying the effect of resveratrol supplements to provide the same benefits.  Imagine, a pill that could keep you healthy AND beautiful.  Now after  five  years of  study comes the news from a once promising study that … Continue Reading…

A Beautiful Guarantee

It’s a double insult.  I buy a  skin care product  and it doesn’t work.  My beauty problems are still there and I’m  out beween $20 and $100 for something I will never use again.  So, I was really psyched to find a growing number of products now come with a  money back guarantee. Pro-X  from Olay states on the package  and in ads that” satisfaction guarenteed or your money back” .   Bath and Body Works covers all their products with money back guarantee. Nice!  I’m making a list of products and/or brands that come with such a promise.  If you have come across any, let me know.

Close-Up: Niacinamide

A form of  vitamin B, niacinamide appears to  offer solid anti-aging benefits.  Studies have shown it can act as an exfoliator, to take off top dead cells and  encourage new skin growth– much  like fruit acids.  In a study of 50 women who used a … Continue Reading…

A Date with a Laser

Most dermatologists regard Retin A  as the foundation of anti-aging skin care.  However, it can be an irritating formulation and if you want to use laser for some problem, you need to stop using Retin A for about a week.  I decided to start  my beauty plan with laser hair removal on my lip and chin before embarking on a Retin A regimen.  I was  impatient to start  with Retin A but  even the tighest and freshest complextion would be  challenged by face fuzz.  ( look at my chin in first photo). 

For the proceedure, I went to a Park Avenue dermatologist  who is also head of a department of at at New York  Medical Center.  His  approach was a series of three  treatments for $800, given about one month apart.  When he examined my face he was pleased to find  that I … Continue Reading…