Beans– The Ultimate Beauty Food by Deb Chase

beansIt woud be hard to invent a healthier food than  the humble bean.  Oounce for ounce beans are 22% protein, more than any other plant food.  Cholesterol free, salt free, gluten free and high in fiber, beans  also deliver an impressive payload of B vitamins, zinc and potassium.  But wait there’s more.  Beans have  almost as much calcium as skin milk.This profile– high in protein and fiber and low in  fat –is exactly  what researchers found when they looked at the links between diet and  skin aging.  And while   prime beef is now $10-20/pound, one pound of dried  beans is less than $2– which works out to less than 30 cents per serving. Seriously.   .

Beans From Around the World

Beans are one of the oldest cultivated foods.  They … Continue Reading…