Anti-Aging Sunscreen Cheat Sheet #7

 Waterproof/ Water-resistant- Unlike fragrance-free or alcohol free which are pretty  self explanatory, waterproof/water resistant is a bit more complex.  Even  an industrial strength sunscreen will not be able to deliver on its promise if its washed off by perspiration or a dip in a pool.  So waterproof/water resistant ( and its cousin sweatproof) means that  this sunscreen  will have  some staying power on the skin.  However its ability to withstand moisture is not permanent- which is why  the usual recommendation is to reapply sunscreen every few hours.

Bottom Line:  waterproof/water resistant is  an important feature if you’re using sunscreen  around a pool or beach or in hot weather. When its cool and dry, water resistance is not a key factor– but remember as  long as there is sunlight, even in winter, you need a daily sunscreen.