Question and Answer– Retin A and the Eyes

Question:  If I can’t use Retin A ( aka retinoid) on my eyes,  what  can I use?

Answer:  I answer every email  that I get at  No-Nonsense Beauty Blog, but this one  is so relevant for all of us, I wanted to  put it in my Q& A.  While its  true that you can’t use  straight retinoids around the eyes,  a combination product of retinoids, a steroid and hydroquinone  known as Triluma can  deliver anti-aging benefits.   Triluma’s claim to fame is its ability to erase  dark spots and patches, but the retinoids  also  may build collagen and reduce wrinkling.  For reasons that are not clear, Triluma is  no longer available commercially, but a  full-service pharmacy can compound it specially for you.  I  did just that and uploaded up post about the process on March 28, 2012.

Triluma (  branded or custom made)  can only be used for  three  months at … Continue Reading…

Triluma– What happened?

Triluma, a combo of hydroquinone, Retin-A and a steroid was one of the first anti-aging tools I tried.  I used it successfully to reduce my dark circles and was planning to keep using it, but my dermatologist Dr Marmur said that I  needed to take a “Triluma Holiday”.  Apparently, it cannot be used  for more than three months at a time.  Then the skin needs to take a rest for three months before using it again.  But when I tried to refill my prescription, the product was “on back order”  at every pharmacy in NYC.  I began to hear from people who also reported they could  not get Triluma.  What  happened?

There was no FDA recall and no announcement from Galderma, the manufacturer of Triluma.   I kept digging and found that  Galderma itself  announced a recall of all its Triluma products made by a sub-contractor, Hill Dermaceuticals.  Apparently, Hill reported to Galderma that one of the  critical … Continue Reading…

The Price of Beauty

After the “Boob Job in a Box” fiasco, I have given up on over the counter remedies for dark undereye circles.  I decided  crank up my  strategy with a cream called Tri-luma.  Available only by prescription it is a combintion of Retin A, hydroquinone which is known to lighten skin and a steroid to control inflammation from these two heavy hitters.  Unfortunately it carries a hefty  price tag of almost $300/30grams ( about one ounce).   Since I don’t know if  it will actually work  for me, that’s a big investment for a ‘maybe’. 

To get a better price, I went online to order Tri-luma from an online Canadian pharmacy.   It  looked so easy online, but getting my  hands on a  tube of  Tri-luma  was harder  than I expected.  Despite  listing Tri-luma on their websites, most pharmacies   did not actually sell Tri-luma  or were indefinately out of stock. None took … Continue Reading…