It’s True! Stress can Make You Look Older

I know that stress is linked to  increased risk of heart disease, high blood perssure and even diabetes.  But can it cause wrinkles?  Pale skin color?  Saggy skin? I’m a science geek ( I went to Bronx High School of  Science)  and I need  a solid explanation that such a cause and effect does exist.

And here it is. Stress which can  range from  a traffic  jam  to a bad break-up, triggers a firestorm of  hormones in the body.  The worst of these  bad boys is cortisol   which causes problems everywhere it shows up.  Cortisol not only damages existing collagen,  it  shuts down  growth  of healthy new collagen and elastin.   The result? An increase in lines, wrinkles and flabby skin.  And wait, there’s more.  Cortisol slows down circulation which makes   your skin look pale and dull.

Short periods of stress  such as a  long line at Starbucks or a bad haircut are frustating, … Continue Reading…

Stress and Under Eye Circles

It happens to all of us.  When we don’t get enough sleep, catch a cold, work 24/7 or deal with personal problems, the face in the mirror includes dark under eye circles.  It turns out that the body reads all these problems as “stress” and reacts by producing large amounts  of  a hormone  called costisol.  This creates a cascade of changes in the body  that includes  higher blood pressure, a slowdown in cell growth and an increase in heart rate.  Under the eyes, dark circles become  more pronounced.  This is because cortisol increases leaking from tiny blood vessels and slows removal of  body fluids.  The result?  Fluids and hemoglobin build up in the eye area creating dark shadows,

Its really easy to tell people to relax and take it easy.  But while we are waiting  for the world to become an easier place to live, we all need a few quick tools … Continue Reading…