Friday Question and Answers

Question:  Help!  I’ve got a painful sunburn.

Answer:   Despite our best intentions, sunburns  happen.  Its all to easy to forget to reapply  sunscreen  during the day and by the time  the sun goes down,  you’re red and achy.  To deal with the sunburn I suggest   assembling a little sunburn emergency kit in advance.  You need just five affordable and easy to find items:

1.  Aspirin

2.  A real live Aloe Vera plant

3.  A  jar of Shea butter

4. A box of  Quacker’s Oatmeal

5.  Green tea bags

Here’s the drill:   When you realize that you’re fried, take two aspirin.  This will reduce  the inflammation which is  the root of the pain and damge  to your skin.  Then fill a tub with lukewarm water and swish  a handful of oatmeal into the water.  Get in and soak for 20 minutes.  Oatmeal is one of … Continue Reading…

The Anti-Aging SprayTan

For the past three years  I have been compulsive about putting on a 30 SPF sunscreen.  My reward?  A  dead white skin tone.  Sure I no longer have freckles and dark patches and   I can  brighten things up on my face with make-up, but my stick  arma and white legs are on their own.  I  know that this means I am successfully avoiding sundamage, but I’ve actually used up a big tub of bronzer  just this summer to try get some color.

I tried sunless tanning creams and the results were a splotchy mess.  I decided to go for the gold  and get a professionally applied spray tan for my entire face and body.  Several friends recommended Portofino in New York where an individually applied tan is about $60. 

 Following their instructions, I shaved my legs and exfoliated my entire body with a Buff Puff. My skin felt very very clean. … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Sunscreen Cheat Sheet #2

Fragrance-Free- This is pretty self-explanatory. I tend to favor fragrance- free products since scents are the single  largest cause of allergic reactions in skin care products.  Adding sun exposure  actually increases risks or irritation.   A sweet scent  also attracts bees, hornets and other biting bugs– definately not a plus.  On the other hand  nothing reminds me more of   a great day at the beach than the smell of Coppertone.  If allergies are not part of your life, the presence or absence of fragrance  is a non-starter in  your sunscreen choice.

The Five Best Anti-Aging Tips, # 1

#1 —  Protect Your Skin From Sun Aging

Horrifying but true–  up to 90% of skin aging is due to sun exposure.  The UV rays hammers the skin in four ways– destroying collagen and elastin fibers which leads to fine lines and deep wrinkles, bursts tiny blood vessels, and provokes brown spots and patches of pigmentation.  Repeated unprotected sun exposure damages cellular DNA that can lead to skin  cancer.  In fact 1 in 5 Americans can expect to develop skin cancer in their lifetime.  To short circuit sun-related beauty problems, apply a daily moisturizer with a 30SPF starting at the sides  of your nose and covering all areas of the face and neck.  Get into the habit of using a sunscreen so  it feels  as much  of your daily routine  as brushing  your teeth.

Sun protection is so important that I will be continuing to share sun care tips and advice … Continue Reading…

Antioxidants- Great Hope or Overpriced Hype

antioxidantsYou  see antioxidants advertised  in practically everything from baby cereal to low-carb beer.  Some experts believe that  antioxidants can prevent cancer,  heart disease and aging.  Other scientists are  rather dubious about the health benefits of antioxidants.  As with  most things in life– the truth  lies somewhere in between.

Antioxidants    have the ability to subdue unstable molecules known as free- radicals.  These bad boys  are molecules that have lost an electron. Free radicals crash around cells interferring with routinue functions such as growth, repair and immunity. Things calm down when  antioxidants  provide the missing electron.

There is no shortage  of antioxidants in  our environment. The short list  of antioxidant- rich items  include   vitamins A, C and E, olive oil, salmon, green tea, red wine tumeric and sunflower seeds. We have lots of  laboratory studies that show anti0xidants can protect cells … Continue Reading…