Fashion Flash Today!

fashion flash logoThis week Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash.  There many experts on the  net, but there are a scant few that  have  the credentials  that Mirabai  has earned.  Exercise is a science,  not a fad and she has  the training and knowledge to provide the steps  you need for real health and fitness. A well meaning  but harmful exercise  can  cause permanent damage to the ones and ligaments, but Mirabai  has the knowlege to  give you gain without  pain.

Fashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Glitter and Glam: Melanie Mills

At the MakeUp Show in NYC I had the chance to meet  the uber talented longtime makeup … Continue Reading…

The Anti-Aging SprayTan

For the past three years  I have been compulsive about putting on a 30 SPF sunscreen.  My reward?  A  dead white skin tone.  Sure I no longer have freckles and dark patches and   I can  brighten things up on my face with make-up, but my stick  arma and white legs are on their own.  I  know that this means I am successfully avoiding sundamage, but I’ve actually used up a big tub of bronzer  just this summer to try get some color.

I tried sunless tanning creams and the results were a splotchy mess.  I decided to go for the gold  and get a professionally applied spray tan for my entire face and body.  Several friends recommended Portofino in New York where an individually applied tan is about $60. 

 Following their instructions, I shaved my legs and exfoliated my entire body with a Buff Puff. My skin felt very very clean. … Continue Reading…