I’m Hosting Fashion Flash!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and  many of our great Fashion Flash posts  deal with this  critical health issue for women:

* What can you do to lower your breast cancer risk for breast cancer? Menopause Makeover has ten tips that could change your life!  With early detection the 5-year survival rate is 98%.

* Here’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month collaboration to smile about.  Jackie Silver from Aging Backwards.com has uncovered a great buy on a product everyone needs  to give back- a win/win.

* How do I get back in shape after cancer treatment?  Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai answers the question.

* What is the hottest color this fall in fashion for women over 40?  The Glam Gals at Fabulous After 40 have the scoop.

* Ever wonder what a professional facial … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the hosts of Fashion Flash are the Glam Gals of Fabulous After 40.  Today they have featured a must watch video on the right way to wear leggings over 40.  For me it answered the key question–  how  long should the top be  with leggings?   The answer? Anything below the tush.    I wish I  had known that  before snagging a cashmere tunic at a sale which  is   about four inches too short.  I never feel quite right in it and now I know why.  And too short tops are not just a problem for 40 plus.  Last  week a photo of Pippa Middleton featured the young beauty in a  pair of heavy leggings and a gorgeous green pea cut that  barely covered her stomach.  The view  from the rear  was … Continue Reading…