Clear and Brilliant– New Laser, New Skin

There’s  a new anti-aging  laser in town and its called Clear and Brilliant.  Its  from the same company that developed Thermage and Fraxel— and sometimes Clear and Brilliant is described as ‘babyFraxel”.  I’m already a big fan  of “baby botox” so  this laser  is right in my  comfort zone. In addition to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production, this new anti-aging tool reduces age spots and some types of acne scars.

Like its big sister Fraxel,  Clear and Brilliant  is an anti-aging laser that delivers  energy in a grid pattern.   However  true Fraxel goes deeper, can  be uncomfortable  and requires 3-5 days of healing.  By contrast this new rejuvenating laser   is  never painful and the skin  recovers within hours.     Since baby steps  might as well be my middle name, I was eager to try it out with my super derm, Dr Ellen Marmur. ( Before  proceedure pix  below)

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Its Fashion Flash Monday

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Staness of Menopause Makeover. Menopause is more than  just the end of your period, much more.   This amazing site has the health, diet and fitness info you need to deal with these changes.  This  time of life can radically alter metabolism.  I’ve always had to  count calories and could only stare enviously as my skinny friends ate anything they wanted.  Menopause  now has made us equals. Formerly trim friends  now  have to learn  new ways of eating to  keep their weight down– and Menopause Makeover offers  the tools they need.

And when you’ve explored Menopause Makeovers (  try her Noble Prize worthy  recipe for low carb,high  protein waffles), check out a new beauty book by one of the most respected dermtologists in the world.  Dr Neil Sadick … Continue Reading…