Tri-luma– Its back!

The return of Tri-luma, an effective treatment for dark spots and melasma Continue Reading…

Salt, Aging and the Supermarket

I was really shocked to see the salt content of so many seemingly non-salty foods.  Cutting back on sodium is such a simple and affordable anti-aging strategy, its important  to identify the stealth salt in your food.  I asked a few  friends and neighbors for their weekly shoping list ( and a few  lunchtime fast foods) and came up  with a  list  of commonly eaten foods.  Can you estimte how much hidden salt  you are getting daily?  Remember max salt intake   should be  less than 2000mg.

*1/2 cup canned peas—- 308mg

*1/2 cup canned corn —–170mg

*1/2 cup canned mushrooms— 536mg

* 1/2 fresh mushrooms ———2mg

* 1 cup tomato juice ————-700mg

* 1 slice white bread —————150mg

* 1 potato—————————-8mg

* 100 calorie bag of chips——-200mg

* 1 cup cornflakes—————–325mg

* 3 pancakes———————–600mg

* 1 cup canned chicken noodle soup- 1100mg

* 1 cup tomato sauce ————700mg

*1 tablespoon unsalted butter–7mg

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Me and My Aging Face

So here I am with no make-up on in a photo taken early in the morning.  There’s good news and bad news about my aging issues.  The good news is that  I don’t  have all 12 of the dirty dozen.  The bad news?  I’v got  seven of them.

1.  Pallor— that greenish skin tone is not the fault of my camera or your   computer screen.  My skin is sallow and pale.  I’m one of those people that actually use up  cakes of bronzer and blush, scraping my brush down to get out every last bit of color.

Solution:  My skin is pale because  my circulation has slowed.  One of the great benefits of Retin A  is that it stimulates blood flow.  I’ve been told  that I should see a pinker tone in … Continue Reading…