The Anti-Aging SprayTan

For the past three years  I have been compulsive about putting on a 30 SPF sunscreen.  My reward?  A  dead white skin tone.  Sure I no longer have freckles and dark patches and   I can  brighten things up on my face with make-up, but my stick  arma and white legs are on their own.  I  know that this means I am successfully avoiding sundamage, but I’ve actually used up a big tub of bronzer  just this summer to try get some color.

I tried sunless tanning creams and the results were a splotchy mess.  I decided to go for the gold  and get a professionally applied spray tan for my entire face and body.  Several friends recommended Portofino in New York where an individually applied tan is about $60. 

 Following their instructions, I shaved my legs and exfoliated my entire body with a Buff Puff. My skin felt very very clean. … Continue Reading…