What’s The Problem With Sunscreens?

sunscreens should be applied before hitting the beachThe sunscreens that we are told to use every day are now the focus of two respected consumer watchdog  organizations.  And they came up with two very different  lists of problems and recommendations.  Now what?

The venerable Consumer Reports reviewed  more than 60 lotions, sprays and sticks , all with an SPF over 30.  After rigorous testing ( more rigorous than required by the FDA) they reported that a startling 43% failed to deliver on their promised SPF.  Even more surprising, only 25% of mineral based sunscreens reached expected levels.  By contrast 58% of chemical sunscreens met promised protection levels. While better than the coverage than mineral sun protection formulations, its still leaves  much doubt about your protection on a sunny day.

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Retin A in the Evening by Deb Chase

Question and Answer logoMaybe I should change the name of  this blog  to Retin A News and Views.  Not really.  Most  of the great questions I get   deal  with different forms  of Retin A (aka tretinoin). This week I received  such a well thought out question I answered her immediately and now I am posting both her question and the answer.

Question:  Do I have to wait until bedtime until I start my Retin A ritual? And if so, why? The last thing I want to do is get up from having fallen asleep on the sofa, and throw water on my face and then wait  30 minues again ( again…why?)

Is the wait to let your skin fully dry?  If so, couldn’t I just dry it with my hair dryer on low? Is it to allow it to calm down?

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The Beauty of Sun Protective Pants

Sun protective clothing starts with a great hat, but the rest of  my body  needed a shield from  aging UV rays.  My first stop  was a New York City institution, Paragaon Sports.  Located near Union Square, Paragon has a seemingly  inexhaustable selection of  of equipment for just about every sport you can  name.  I wandered into  their hiking section and started thumbing through their racks.  A really hot thirty something salesman came over and asked if  he could help me find what I needed. When I explained what I was looking for, his eyes  lit up in admiration. ”  Oh, I understand, you’re going on a safari.”

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Real Time Beauty Questions

Sometimes anti-aging  ingredients and skin care  product descriptions sound like a review sheet  for  a medical board exam.  This week  questions about two  anti-aging ingredients sent  me to Pub Med, the  NIH online medical library for the answers. 

Question 1– What is Idebenone?

This is a synthetic antioxidant that is designed to mimic CoQ10, a naturally  occurring oxidant found in our cells.  (FYI  CoQ10 which is responsible for energy, decreases as  we get older).  Idebenone is an especially powerful antioxidant, perhaps the most powerful antioxidant in our anti-aging arsenal. Antioxidants in general  help prevent aging by dealing with free radicals in the cells.  Our biggest sources of  free radicals are cigarette smoke, alcohol and sunlight.  It certainly makes sense to put antioxidnts into a sunscreen where it can do hand to  hand combat  with … Continue Reading…

The Five Best Anti-Aging Tips, # 1

#1 —  Protect Your Skin From Sun Aging

Horrifying but true–  up to 90% of skin aging is due to sun exposure.  The UV rays hammers the skin in four ways– destroying collagen and elastin fibers which leads to fine lines and deep wrinkles, bursts tiny blood vessels, and provokes brown spots and patches of pigmentation.  Repeated unprotected sun exposure damages cellular DNA that can lead to skin  cancer.  In fact 1 in 5 Americans can expect to develop skin cancer in their lifetime.  To short circuit sun-related beauty problems, apply a daily moisturizer with a 30SPF starting at the sides  of your nose and covering all areas of the face and neck.  Get into the habit of using a sunscreen so  it feels  as much  of your daily routine  as brushing  your teeth.

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