Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over Forty is hosting Fashion Flash. If there  ever is a time of year to think about fitness it  is right now.  Blue skies and  warmer weather  inspire me to go outisde and  shed   winter weight gain.  If you haven’t yet  tred out Shawna’s fit camp routines this  is definately the moment.  I know that  swimsuit weather is right around the corner.   

And along with a fitness program, spring makes me think about upping  my nutrional profile. I’m always struggling  to get in those 5-7 servings of vegetables and fruits a day.   The farmer’s markets are brimming with  piles of veggies and I  found a new cookbook to turn these beauties into a meal.   The Inspired Vegan by Bryant Terry is a vibrant  celebration of  life, family and  good food. The first section provides cooking techniques and simple  recipes … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash Monday is Fabulous Over 40.   Recently,  the Glam Gals  have posted about  the vanishing waistline,  how to wear white and today’s post is an amazing analysis of Michelle Obama’s style. They note  her use of bright colors, little cardigans instead of  jackets and conservative styles in gorgeous fabrics.   Bottom line–Jojami and Deb make shopping  fun again. 

And if you’ve  never read Kris Carr, you’re in for a treat.  A  young beautiful actress, she went for a check-up and was diagnosed with untreatable liver cancer.  This news would crush most people, but Kris decided to make her journey for answers into the next stage of her life.   She video taped   her search for ways to deal  with illness– and turned her spiritual and  nutritional  journey into  Crazy … Continue Reading…

The Link Between Carbs and Wrinkles

The NHANES study looked at  the diets of 32,000 Americans for ten years and  then compared the diets to a wide range of health issues including  heart disease, cancers and heart disease.  When it looked at aging, I was thrilled to read that  they looked at the links between diet and wrinkles.  I’ve posted the impact of   vitamin C, linoleic acid, andfat in an effort to come up with a true beauty diet.  I found it especially interesting that  as carb intake went up, so  did the number of wrinkles.  Its good to know,  but what type of carbs?

The NHANES study did not differentiate between well-known bad actors like cookies, mac and cheese, pizza and “healthy carbs” like barley,  whole wheart bread, rice or even fruits.  I didn’t know … Continue Reading…

The Beauty Power of Protein

The NHANES diet study/health study is the gift that keeps on giving.  This large, long term study found that,  in addition to the link between aging skin and vitamin C and linoleic acid, women with low protein intake  had an increase in aging and wrinkled skin.

The RDA for protein for adults is about 50grams a day– an amount  easily met with a large broiled chicken breast.  Inadequate protein levels are pretty rare in  the US and Europe and at first it was hard to see how this low protein  issues applied  to me ( Given that I practically live on broiled chicken breasts).  But then I spent the weekend with a vegan friend and by Sunday night I realized that  these types of restrictive diets  can be very low in protein.  Here’s what Trudy ate:

Breakfast:  Cream of wheat cereal, 1 glass  orange juice

Lunch: Avocodo, tomato and onion sandwich on pita bread, 1 Granny … Continue Reading…