Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  the host of Fashion Flash is Staness of Menopause Makeover.  I wish her site  had been there   during my menopause years.  Its packed  with  truely helpful info in a upbeat positive voice.  But you don’t have to be  in full blown menopause to appreciate Menopause  Makeover.  The ideas and advice are equally valuable for  perimenopause  when things  just  don’t seem to be right and post  menopause when things are  just  not the same.

I’m always looking for new ways to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables  in my meals.  I’ve been exploring  new  items like spelt and flaxseed, but I keep falling  back  to my usual habits– tuna on whole wheat and dry grilled chicken breasts.  This summer I picked up a little paperback that has changed  both my food … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over Forty is hosting Fashion Flash. If there  ever is a time of year to think about fitness it  is right now.  Blue skies and  warmer weather  inspire me to go outisde and  shed   winter weight gain.  If you haven’t yet  tred out Shawna’s fit camp routines this  is definately the moment.  I know that  swimsuit weather is right around the corner.   

And along with a fitness program, spring makes me think about upping  my nutrional profile. I’m always struggling  to get in those 5-7 servings of vegetables and fruits a day.   The farmer’s markets are brimming with  piles of veggies and I  found a new cookbook to turn these beauties into a meal.   The Inspired Vegan by Bryant Terry is a vibrant  celebration of  life, family and  good food. The first section provides cooking techniques and simple  recipes … Continue Reading…

Do Vegetarians Have More Wrinkles?

March is National Nutrition Month and I have vowed to eat at least 5 servings of  fruits and vegetables a day.  Its the minimum that most dietary  guidelines recommend and I can certainly see why.  Fruits and veggies are the source for anti-oxidants vitamin A, vitamin C, and then there is their all important fiber content. I was then stunned to  read  new study which found that vegetarians  had more wrinkles than  peple who ate everything. ???

How could that be?  The NHANES study showed that higher vitamin C levels and lower fat intake was associated with firmer, younger looking skin.   Vegetarians  usually eat lots of nuts which are rich in linoleic acid and linoleic acid  was also a key  factor  in fewer wrinkles. Drilling deeper into the topic, … Continue Reading…

Organic Lettuce– Healthy but Tasteless

Reading about all the pesticides and herbacides in fruits and vegetables, I finally scared myself.  I decided to start buying  organic versions of the produce  that has the highest chemicals levels  when grown in  commercial farms.  This week I started with a beautiful head of organic  lettuce that came with impressive credentials.   Grown hydroponically, it stated in no less than three languages that had been grown without  pesticides.

It was a real beauty, like a giant green rose. First I made a simple salad with a light vinegrette.  As soon as I tossed the salad,  the leaves collapsed into a pale green sludge.  The next day I  put a leaf on a tuna salad sandwich, and  the lettuce tasted thin and bitter.  After two  bites, I pried open the … Continue Reading…

Are Organic Foods Healthier?

I have to confess that I  felt pretty smug about following the NHANES  anti-aging data and started to meet  the recommended 5-7 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.  Given that the study linked high levels of vitamin C to  fewer wrinkles I was convinced I was on the right track. My sense of accomplishment was rattled  when I read that vegetarians  can have  higher levels of pesticides in their body because  they eat more  produce.  Not what I wanted to hear.   The article suggested that vegans and vegetarians eat organic foods, grown without pesticides to  get the health benefits of increased intake of fruits  and veggies without risk of additional chemicals.

Sounds reasonable but organic foods are significantly more expensive  than traditionaly grown  fruits and vegetables.  In my local market … Continue Reading…

The Beauty Power of Protein

The NHANES diet study/health study is the gift that keeps on giving.  This large, long term study found that,  in addition to the link between aging skin and vitamin C and linoleic acid, women with low protein intake  had an increase in aging and wrinkled skin.

The RDA for protein for adults is about 50grams a day– an amount  easily met with a large broiled chicken breast.  Inadequate protein levels are pretty rare in  the US and Europe and at first it was hard to see how this low protein  issues applied  to me ( Given that I practically live on broiled chicken breasts).  But then I spent the weekend with a vegan friend and by Sunday night I realized that  these types of restrictive diets  can be very low in protein.  Here’s what Trudy ate:

Breakfast:  Cream of wheat cereal, 1 glass  orange juice

Lunch: Avocodo, tomato and onion sandwich on pita bread, 1 Granny … Continue Reading…