Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week, Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting  Fashion Flash.  There are certainly  many exercise gurus out there, but none like Mirabai.  She  has three degrees in exercise physiology and hold credentials from four exercise associations.  Not only are her exercise plans carefully developed for maximum results, she  makes certain that you will never get hurt.  Forget about no pain, no  gain.  For Mirabai, if you feel pain, you’re either doing  the exercise wrong or its the wrong exercise for you.   Mirabai has created  exercise programs to build up bone strength, reduce joint problems,  cardiac rehabilitation and  even  exercises for children.  Check out her site  to find the right program for your body.

Fashion is Where You Find It

Its no secret that I love both vintage fashion  and  NYC street fairs. This summer  … Continue Reading…