Is Retin A Better than Antioxidants?

This week the questions  concern  antioxidants.  They seem to be everywhere  and in every type of beauty product:

Question 1— Which is more important for anti-aging skin care- antioxidants or Retin A?

Answer — These two wrinkle fighters work in different ways.  Antioxidants  act to reverse  cellular damage caused by UV rays.   Retin A works  by  returning skin cell growth  to youthful levels, promotes exfoliation of old tired skin cells and encourages growth of new strong collagen.  Its not a matter of which is better– you really need them both, especially in the long  sunny summer days.  What’s really good news  that they are an excellent tag  team  for reversing skin aging.   Each offers unique benefits and they don’t interfere with each other.   At night top  your Retin A with an antioxidant rich moisturizer.  During the day, anti0xidants in a sunscreen  add … Continue Reading…

Another Vitamin for Beauty

The NHANES study looked at the diets of 32,000Americans and compared   the data to a wide range of health issues.  When it came to aging and wrinkles, the NHANES found that people who had diets high in vitamin C and linoleic acid had smooth skin and fewer wrinkles. Awesome!

Vitamin A is a fat-soluable which means that  its easily stored in the body.  Vitamin A is measured in  Retinol units (RE) and adults over  age 19 need between 800-1000 RE units/day.   This  vitamin   is available in  fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish and  meat. For example,  a pretty small carrot has  about 1100 RE of vitamin A.  In Western countries, vitamin A deficiency is  almost non-existant. In fact, its much more common to see overdoses of vitamin A.  Taking … Continue Reading…