Retin A and Breast Cancer- Is There a Link?

Q&A logoQuestion:  I used Retin A  and then  was diagnosed with breast cancer.   I want to go back on Retin A but don’t want  to cause a recurrence of the cancer. Is it safe for me to use it again?

Answer:  Wow,  this is such an important question-and given that its Breast Cancer Awareness Month, its the perfect time to answer it. According to Dr Albert Lefkovits  who is associaed with the Mount Sinai Schoo of Medicine,  Department of Dermatology, there are no reports  in the medical and scientific literature that  point to a link between breast cancer and Retin A.   In fact Retin A  is well known for its ability to normalize skin cell growth and life span. Actually about ten years ago there were clinical trials to see if Retin A would inhibit  breast cancer growth.  That didn’t appear to … Continue Reading…

The Beauty of Bok Choy

bok choyI love to buy fruits and vegetables at Farmer’s Markets.  I think the food  is fresher, tastes better  and I can pick up  new varieties   not found in supermarkets.  Last week I  scored   what I thought was a gorgeous head of sparkling fresh spinach.   It was 15″ inches across, weighed about 3 pounds and was only $3.  What a buy!  But when I got  home and nibbled on a leaf, I discovered it was bok choy not spinach.  Bok choy is a popular form of  chinese cabbage that is used in soups, stir fried combo’s and  as  side vegetable dish. But from a nutitional  stand point, how does it compare to  the nutrient packed spinach?

Turns out, not too bad.  Bok choy clocks in at just 13 calories in … Continue Reading…

Melon Season is Here!

Nothing says the start of summer like the piles of round sweet melons  in supermarkets and farm stand tables.  Melons, including honeydew, watermelon, persian and casaba, are low calorie, affordable and offer a range of vitamins and minerals.

Waterrmelon is mostly water but its red flesh is a great source of   cancer fighting lycopene.  Cantaloupe  is the nutritional  rock star of the melon world.  The sweet rich orange  flesh is packed with  beta carotene, potassium, vitamin A ( 80% of RDA) and vitamin C ( 60% of RDA).  Since  both of these vitamins are closely linked  to  smoother less  wrinkled skin,  cantaloupes   should be part of  beauty diet.

In recent years there have been outbreaks of illness linked to cantoloupe contaminated during storage.  To reduce problems buy whole rather than cut-up … Continue Reading…

Green Beans– An Anti-Aging Veggie with Style and Substance

There is something elegant about green beans.  Sweet and dainty they seem to the perfect companion to a crisp roast chicken or juicy pink  steak.  Green beans are used in a wide range of cuisines including french, chinese, italian, english  and indian–   and I  like all of them.  Restaurants and banquets  love  green beans because they can  be cooked in advance without going limp and grey.

I was psyched to learn that  for such a tastie veggie, green  beans had a very respectable anti-aging  profile.  One cup  clocks in at  just 31 calories .  While they are not high in fiber, the folacin and  skin friendly vitamin C levels are impressive.  Add about 20%  the RDA for vitamin A  and a daily serving of green beans  adds genuine anti-aging nutrition to any  diet.

I was  also intrigued to find out … Continue Reading…

Cranberries- Thanksgiving’s Beauty Fruit

The Thanksgiving feast  may seem like a calorie  overload, but there  is a lot of great nutrition packed onto that table.  There are anti cancer fighters in the broccoli and  a boatload of vitamin A  in the sweet potatoes, but  the nutrition king of the Thanksgiving table is the cranberry.

Cranberries  have fiber, vitamin C and manganese, an essential mineral.  But what makes  cranberries  a superstar  its  its antioxidant power.  In fact, out of the 277 most commonly eaten foods, cranberrries has one of the very highest anti0xidant levels.  Since antioxidants reduce risk of heart disease and cancer and raise immunity, cranberries are a true beauty fruit.  

Studies have shown that   cranberries   can prevent and treat urinary infections, reduce risk of blood clots and in the lab seems to kill cancer cells.  Most of cranberries power seem to be   its ability to keep … Continue Reading…

Shrimp– Everyones Favorite Fish

Shrimp is the fish that even people who don’t like fish are happy to  see on a plate.  I confess that shrimp is one of my favorite foods.  Like  that scene in Forrest Gump, I like  broiled shrimp, shrimp cocktail, fried shrimp, shrimp salad, stuffed shrimp….  I also felt that a dinner of shrimp  was a great low calorie meal.  It was  low in  salt, calories and fat  and high in protein and omega3.   It all true. 

A four ounce serving of shrimp  has just 99 calories and 21 grams of protein.  It also  offers  just about  a full days requirement of omega 3 and 1/2RDA of vitamin B12.  But shrimp is not the perfect food.  Turns out that, ounce for ounce,  shrimp  has as much cholesterol as beef, which means its not the heart healthiest  seafood option.  High cholesterol can build up  … Continue Reading…

Can Peaches Share Their Beauty?

I love peaches– white ones, yellow ones,  big ones and  very big ones.  Looking at their deep gold color , I was sure that they were bursting with a smorgesbord of vitamins and fiber.  Not really.   Delicious and low in calories, they have  some vitamin A , a drop of vitamin C and that’s pretty much it.  I was certain that their shaggy sweet pulp  would  have a truck load of fiber– but no such luck.

July and August are peak peach months and I really enjoy eating a ripe peach on a hot day.  But from an anti-aging perspective, there are other fruits with a heavier nutritional payload.  One final thought-  peaches are one of those foods that tend to be heavier in pesticides.  If you eat a lot of … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is  Shawna  of Female Fat Loss after 40.  And  I am so delighted to announce  Fab Over Fifty has joined Fashion Flash.  If you’ve never visited   this site, you’re  in for a real treat.  It is a large, beautiful site  that offers daily advice in a wide range of subjects  including health, beauty,  diet, fitness finance, travel– all aimed at  women  who no longer have to do homework.  She has  the biggest crew of highly qualified  experts on the web and if you have a question, this is the place to go.

This week I looked at The Dukan Diet Book, the current “diet du jour”. The book has been appearing on  best sellers lists for more than a year.  Created by Dr Pierre Dukan, a Parisian physician, the  book  is a world  wide sensation– particularly in Korea … Continue Reading…