Its Fashion Flash Monday for Anti-Aging, Fashion and Fitness Tips!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over Forty.  I love this anti-aging  site because it explains why  diet and exercise routines that kept us trim and fit in our twenties no longer work and offers  great  tips  that deliver  after forty.  And to keep it real, Shawna shares  inspiring stories  of her clients.

Breakthrough Study on Sunscreens and Anti- Aging

Just in time for beach season an important article published in Annals of Internal Medicine  has good news and bad news about  how we protect  our skin from the sun. Past   research has shown that sunscreens  can protect individual skin cells, but this landmark study from Australia showed that IRL situations  a broad spectrum sunscreen  can slow skin aging.  A total of 1000 adults  were divided into study groups that  were … Continue Reading…

Do Vitamins Cause Cancer?

My aunt and uncle were true believers.  Every morning they would open a tackle box  filled with rainbow colored pills and capsules.  They took so  many supplements that their holistic physician urged them to cut back.   They ignored him and   were healthy and active until their late 80’s. Even  as she reached 90, my aunt looked lovely with a  thick hair and bright blue eyes.

Watching them dip and swoop about their box of pills  turned me off vitamin supplements, but I couldn’t argue with success– so I hedged my  nutritional bet with a  daily  multi-vitamin.  I was careful to choose  supplements that stayed within recommended limits.  Smugly I felt I had gamed the odds.  I covered my basic nutritional needs, but I didn’t risk excessive levels. My … Continue Reading…