Vitamin E– The TRUE Beauty Vitamin ?

vitamin E capsulesThis week my email box had several questions about vitamin E and I thought that the best way to do  justice to both  was to answer them together.

A Little Back Story

Vitamin E is found in nuts, olives sunflower oil, wheat germ, corn oil and leafy greens.  Also called tocopherol, vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant that protects the body from free-radicals.  The RDA for vitamin E is 8mg/day, an amount easily met by one ounce almonds or one tablespoon of  sunflower oil.  For many years, there has been speculation that vitamin E  may prevent cancer, heart disease or slow the aging process.  But large well-controlled studies have been shown that vitamin E supplements may actually increase serious  health probems. 

A study funded by the National Cancer Institute showed that 400mg/day ( which … Continue Reading…