Subscription Snafus

Subscription sign upIn May I put on my  big girl pants and migrated  to a self-hosted site. All seemed to go beautifully and the new plugins were just  plain fun to use.   Then I began getting first   a trickle, then a flood of emails asking why I had stopped  posting on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.  I didn’t know what to think.   Google seemed to like  my new site and  my traffic was never  better, yet   my most  loyal readers  were not seeing  my new posts.   After  a bit of digging I discovered that  my subscriber list   did not make the move along with almost 600 health and beauty posts.   The hundreds of readers who had  become friends were no longer getting  alerts on new posts. IRL if a letter does not get delivered, it comes back to the … Continue Reading…

Vitamin E– The TRUE Beauty Vitamin ?

vitamin E capsulesThis week my email box had several questions about vitamin E and I thought that the best way to do  justice to both  was to answer them together.

A Little Back Story

Vitamin E is found in nuts, olives sunflower oil, wheat germ, corn oil and leafy greens.  Also called tocopherol, vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant that protects the body from free-radicals.  The RDA for vitamin E is 8mg/day, an amount easily met by one ounce almonds or one tablespoon of  sunflower oil.  For many years, there has been speculation that vitamin E  may prevent cancer, heart disease or slow the aging process.  But large well-controlled studies have been shown that vitamin E supplements may actually increase serious  health probems. 

A study funded by the National Cancer Institute showed that 400mg/day ( which … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday for Anti-Aging, Fashion and Fitness Tips!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over Forty.  I love this anti-aging  site because it explains why  diet and exercise routines that kept us trim and fit in our twenties no longer work and offers  great  tips  that deliver  after forty.  And to keep it real, Shawna shares  inspiring stories  of her clients.

Breakthrough Study on Sunscreens and Anti- Aging

Just in time for beach season an important article published in Annals of Internal Medicine  has good news and bad news about  how we protect  our skin from the sun. Past   research has shown that sunscreens  can protect individual skin cells, but this landmark study from Australia showed that IRL situations  a broad spectrum sunscreen  can slow skin aging.  A total of 1000 adults  were divided into study groups that  were … Continue Reading…

Kale: The Ultimate Beauty Food

I’m working my way through the vegetable aisle, picking out items in no particular order.  Recently I added  big bunch of curly kale to my cart  and started to explore its nutritional profile.  I was blown away!  This common, affordable leafy green is so high in nutrients its ridonkulus.  One half cup of cooked kale,  which clocks in at just 21 calories, is practically bursting with a boatload of the strongest  antioxidants.  Its got twice the RDA for both vitamin A and vitamin C–both key anti-wrinkling nutrients.  It even has respectable  servings of calcium, iron and fiber.  But wait there’s more.  There is evidence that  kale is anti-inflammatory, offering a healthy dose of cancer fighting indoles.  Even better, Kale preserves these nutrients   after steaming, a stint in the microwave  or stir … Continue Reading…

Is Retin A Better than Antioxidants?

This week the questions  concern  antioxidants.  They seem to be everywhere  and in every type of beauty product:

Question 1— Which is more important for anti-aging skin care- antioxidants or Retin A?

Answer — These two wrinkle fighters work in different ways.  Antioxidants  act to reverse  cellular damage caused by UV rays.   Retin A works  by  returning skin cell growth  to youthful levels, promotes exfoliation of old tired skin cells and encourages growth of new strong collagen.  Its not a matter of which is better– you really need them both, especially in the long  sunny summer days.  What’s really good news  that they are an excellent tag  team  for reversing skin aging.   Each offers unique benefits and they don’t interfere with each other.   At night top  your Retin A with an antioxidant rich moisturizer.  During the day, anti0xidants in a sunscreen  add … Continue Reading…