Diet and Sensitive Skin- My Story

Its been almost  three weeeks since my red splotches and breakouts  have been brought under control.  The labor intensive protocol of washing my face 3x/day ( once with Anti-Redness Cleanser and twice with home microdermabrasion), glycolic  peel pads  3 times a week and Metro Gel at night  seems to  be the perfect formula.

I also  have been diligent in following  rosacea dietary guidelines.This meant avoding spicy foods, coffee, alcohol and chocolate.   With my skin so clear, I wondered if I really needed to be as careful with my diet.  I mean,  no coffee for life?  I’m one of those annoying New Yorkers who walk around in summer with a container of ice coffee  glued to my hands.  The answer?  Yes and no.

Over the weekend with friends, I treated myself  to a glass of  … Continue Reading…

Hives–Sensitive Skin, Part 3

My Aunt Mary was a beautiful talented musician who played the violin until  her death at age 90.  She studied Japanese at age 70, counted Lenard Bernstein as a friend,  and taught me  how to  throw a dinner party for twenty without breaking a sweat. But at least once a week this force of nature was distraught  by  the appearance of hives.

She certainly had plenty of company.  It is estimated that at some point  in their lives, hives affect one in five people.  For some individuals, like my aunt Mary, hives can be a lifelong problem.  For others it can be a one time event that lasts a few hours to a few weeks.

What Causes Hives?

Hives are raised , red areas on the skin than can range for the size of a pencil eraser to an area as big as a frisbee.   And unlike most other forms of sensitve skin,  … Continue Reading…