Skin Brighteners vs Skin Lighteners– What’s the Difference?

skin lighteners erase frecklesQuestion:  Because I have dark spots on my face and chest, I bought a cream with licorice root  that promised to  “brighten”  my skin.  Then I saw another product with hydroquinone that claimed to “lighten” the skin.  Is there a difference in the promise?   Is one better than the other?

Answer:   Brown splotches and spots can appear on both light and darker skin tones.  There are three different types that are triggered by different situations:

1. Melasma is a brownish discoloration that occurs with pregnancy  or after use of birth control pills.

2. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)   are dark areas or spots that are provoked  by injury to the skin like a bug bite, scratch, acne, or exzema.

3. Sun Damage  from unprotected or prolonged exposure to  UV rays is the … Continue Reading…