What’s The Story With Bacne? by Deb Chase

Backne free back I was pretty spotty as a teenager.  When I got discouraged with  yet another failed attempt to clear up my face, my dermatologist would try to comfort me saying “but your back and chest are always clear”.  His heart was in the right place, if not his science.

Acne on the back ( aka bacne)  and acne on the chest is more common in men  and especially during adolesence. It appears where hair  follicles ( which have oil glands) are either more numerous  or more active.   Its  also harder to  see what is going on  below the neck and in the back, and  thus harder to clear.

The Best Bacne Treatment

According Mount Sinai super derm Dr Gary Goldenberg, bacne  signals the need for oral medication.  He starts … Continue Reading…