Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week  our Welcome to Spring  Fashion Flash is hosted  by the one and only Cindy of Prime Beauty.    The end of  a too long  cold winter has inspired our bloggers  to write about  the latest in exercise, health, fashion and beauty including:

*  Aging Backwards  points out common  make-up blunders

* Fab Over Forty  checks out the  newshoe line from  Sex and the City Shoe fanatic Sarsh Jessica Parker

* Moving Free with Mirabai gives great  advice  for  controlling the apple  shape of your body  during menopause.

* Menopause Makeover  explains how exercise lowers risk of breast cancer

* Prime Beauty  explores the benefits of  a good  toner in a skin care regimen

* The Best of Everything After Fifty   offers the best  advice of dating after 50 by one of … Continue Reading…