The Pros and Cons of Royal Bee Jelly

Royal bee Jelly questionQuestion:  Each morning  my neighbor puts  1/2 teaspoon of  Royal Bee Jelly in her tea.  She swears  it helps her skin  glow as well as soothes her  arthritic knee.  Have you any experience with this product?  Its $140/ jar  and I don’t want  to waste   my money.

Answer:  I agree, our money is a terrible thing to waste.  Royal Bee Jelly is another  centuries old remedies that is still popular in Europe and Asia.  It is a cloudy white secretion from worker bees that is used to feed the Queen Bee.  Since Queen Bees are twice the size and live 40X longer than standard bees, there is  great interest in the potential benefits for humans.

Research on Royal Bee Jelly

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