The Final Four Signs of Aging

So now we are getting down to the last four signs of aging.

Aging Skin Sign #9: Wrinkles and Lines

Worry lines, laugh lines, smokers wrinkles, marioniette lines.  We’ve got them  cute names for these wrinkles, but they’re really not  that funny when you to have to look at them every morning in the mirror.  They all develop when the collagen and elastin fibers  in the skin no longer have strength and flexibility.    Sunlight is the major culprit here as UV rays fry these stretchable skin fibers.  Free radicals  from smoking, alcohol and stress are also thought to  contribute to collagen destruction.  When these fibers can  no longer adjust to movement, lines and wrinkles develop  much  the way that after  time a pair of slim jeans start to wrinkle at the knees.

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