Getting Back The Pretty

At the recent Mount Sinai derm conference Dr Marmur explored the beauty imperative of what  makes a man or woman attrctive.  For men its fairly simple — a strong jaw ( think Superman) and broad shoulders immediatey convey appealing masculinity.  For women, its more complicated.

Dr Marmur identifed the five features of femininity that are deemed appealing– full lips, big eyes, small nose, arched eyebrows, and smooth rounded forehead.  (Think Byonce, a young Liz Taylor  and Bratz dolls).  What  blew me away was that as we grow older we lose those signs of pretty femininity.  The forehead becomes lined  and bone loss at the temples  makes the eyes look smaller.  It doesn’t stop there.  Collagen contracts in the nose  making the tip to droop down and look longer.  As gravity … Continue Reading…

Carbs and Wrinkles– Who Knew?

The NHANES nutritional study reported that  carbohydrate intake was linked to skin aging.  As the daily  carbohydrate levels rose so did  the appearance of  lines and wrinkles. But unlike the data on linoleic acid and vitamin C, there  is no single accepted recommendation for daily carbohydrates.  The standard diabetic diet  has about 125 grams of carbs each day.  The South Beach Diet ( phase 1) allows about 50 grams/day, while the heart healthy  Pritikin or Ornish programs can have as  many as 300 grams of daily carbs. Adding to the confusion, NHANES did not differentiate between so-called “good carbs, eg whole grains, fruits and vegetables and “bad carbs”  including sugar, white flour, and potatoes  Since all carbs  eventually turn to sugar in the body, maybe it doesn’t matter, but I’m not satisfied with that answer.  

Looking at it another way, experts give carb recommendations on the basis of percentage of daily calories.  Jillian Michaels, the uber-trainer … Continue Reading…

TLC for My Neck

I don’t hate my  neck– I  just would be happier if  it looked fresher and smoother.  I had been using my DDF hand held exfoliator on my face with good results and wonderered what it would do for my neck? After all,  its  made of skin,  like  my face. Using the foam sponge with the Polishing Crystals gel, I worked it around my neck for one minute.  It gave me  a warming sensation that was stronger than I felt  when used on my cheeks.

When I rinsed off the remainder of the polishing gel, I was delighted to see that my neck looked pinker, fresher and the lines  less obvious.  Even the dreaded “chicken skin” bumps were softened.  Clearly the exfoliator had removed the dry, dead, skin cells  to reveal a healthier and fresher complexion. 

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